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Ocean Poems for Children

Our second poetry anthology for children came out in fall of 2020, and I'm really proud of all the work of all 70 contributors in this book, especially during this pandemic year. We are all New England artists and authors. Thank you to everyone for helping us make this beautiful book!

Edited by Kristen Wixted and Heather Kelly

Book Design by Robert Thibeault

Cover Art by Jodie Apeseche

Art Director: Sally Hinkley

Marketing Director: Audrey Day-Williams

(clever title also by Audrey)

The first illustrated collection of original poems for kids published by The Writers' Loft Press

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Edited by Kristen Wixted and Heather Kelly

Book Design by Doreen Buchinski

Cover Art by Brian Lies

Creative Team: Sally Hinkley and Priscilla Alpaugh

Marketing Manager: Audrey Day-Williams

An Assortment of Animals


It’s fun…

There’s a centipede that goes shoe shopping, a cat who dreams of haute cuisine, a slug on a slip-n-slide!


Moms and babies: deer, pangolins, giraffes, elephants—with art that makes you want to cuddle.

A little bit scary…

Some of the predators in the book may … or may not … eat other characters. An anteater and an ant. A grizzly bear and a boy. You get the idea.

Announced in Publishers' weekly:


by Sam Donovan and Me

A picture book about a child, their father, and his drag queen alter ego who makes reading books fun and is accepting of all points of view.

Macmillian/FSG BYR spring 2022