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Important, Professional Writerly Facts:

  • I love to collaborate.

  • Represented by Moe Ferrara of BookEnds Literary.

  • I'm on the Board of Directors of The Writers' Loft, a writing community in Sherborn, MA. 

  • I am the co-editor with my friend Heather Kelly of AN ASSORTMENT OF ANIMALS: A Children's Poetry Anthology, published by Writers' Loft Press. We have 32 contributors, all Writers' Loft members, some writers, some illustrators, some both. I wrote poems about a hungry great blue heron and a sassy flamingo.

  • We also co-edited the upcoming illustrated poetry anthology, FRIENDS AND ANEMONES: OCEAN POEMS FOR CHILDREN. I am very excited about this one, it's twice as long as our first one and has some exciting surprises inside! Due out November 2020, published by The Writers' Loft Press.

  • I am also the co-writer (see? collaborating!) of an upcoming picture book called MISS RITA, MYSTERY READER published by MacMillian/Imprint.

  • I have an Amazon author page, in case I forget who I am or what I've written.

  • For more information about bookstore visits for the anthology, please email me or our marketing manager, Audrey Day-Williams, at WLPressbooks at gmail dot com.


Other Facts:

  • I am generally overwhelmed with all the story ideas flying past me. I grab the ones that I can, but not while I’m driving.

  • My friend Audrey Day-Williams came up with the titles of two of my three books (Friends and Anemones; and Miss Rita, Mystery Reader).

  • The big publishers in New York have these smaller departments called "imprints" that each publish their own style of book, have their own editors, etc. It's sort of a smaller business within the bigger one. Well, the imprint that is publishing my picture book is called "Imprint." It's sort of like naming your dog "Dog." 

  • Sam Donovan is my nephew. He has a sister named Shea that I love very much too. Their father is my big brother.

  • So my last name used to be Donovan but I changed it to Wixted when I got married because I liked the x. 

  • One of my favorite things to do is write anecdotes about my kids and either post them online or save them up and weave them into my annual, pretty entertaining Christmas card.

  • I live in Massachusetts with my family, a singing dog, and a beautiful cat who, unfortunately for the critters in our yard, loves hunting.




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